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Red Laurel Flowers to My Emperor CHAPTER LIST
  • Red Laurel Flowers to My Emperor

    Alternative : 나의 황제께 붉은 월계수 꽃을
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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov 29, 20:00
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  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Manhwa, Romance

Red Laurel Flowers to My Emperor:

Read manhwa Red Laurel Flowers to My Emperor / 나의 황제께 붉은 월계수 꽃을 Emperor of the Golden Empire of Cairos, Ethan Apolius Cairos. The protagonist in a prophecy who is supposed to bring ultimate prosperity to the empire. As for me as a girl who was forced to marry into this empire, I didn’t even get the emperor’s attention. Roel Neares, dawn princess of the empire of Tortilla, an empire of red. The only way I can get out of the abandoned palace is to marry an emperor from another empire. I heard that on my first night with Emperor Cairos “Emperor Cairos. I’m here to offer you a deal.” “Trading…can you become any of my cards?” I am a princess no different from being sold to the Cairos empire. What I brought up… “…I will offer you the guardian of the North and my homeland, Tortilla.” Enough to attract the emperor’s attention.
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