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The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player CHAPTER LIST
  • The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player

    Alternative : L'expert De La Tour Tutoriel ; Pemain Level Tinggi Menara Tutorial ; Pentolan Menara Tutorial ; The Master Of Tutorial Tower ; Tutorial Tabui Goinmul ; Опытный Игрок Учебной Башни ; برجِ تمرینیِ بازیکنِ پیشرفته ; チュートリアル塔の廃人 ; 被塔诅咒的猎人 ; 튜토리얼 탑의 고인물
  • Author(s) : 방구석김씨 오마감
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : 13 hours ago
  • TransGroup :
  • view : 74.200.000
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • 4.7

The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player:

After being trapped in the  for over 12 years, our MC finally makes his way out, but how has the world changed?Leaving the tower after 12 years!Russian / РусскийИз-за проклятия охотник застрял в Учебной Башне! И вот спустя 12 лет он выходит на свободу!Original Web Novel (Naver)Official Japanese TranslationOfficial Simplified Chinese TranslationOfficial French TranslationOfficial Indonesian Translation
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